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Your Virtual Real Estate Referral and Sphere of Influence Marketer or Leads Management Marketer

I am the Real Estate Marketing Genie you have been wishing for. It’s time to organize your personal and geographic database and to keep a consistent presence in front of these audiences. If you feel behind or overwhelmed and would like to just finally get your marketing presence professional up and running like a systematic machine, then let me help you check that off your To-Do List!

Why Do You Need Realtor Genie?
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Quinn Edwards

I got into the Real Estate business after I graduated with a Marketing Degree from the Eller Business School at the University of Arizona. During my last year in college, I completed an internship with a Pizza Franchise, Abbys Pizza. My role in the internship was to run all the Social Media Marketing for each of Abbys 33 pizza restaurants, solely by myself. With all the knowledge I have learned in marketing, I knew I had an opportunity to use what I have learned into Real Estate.


In 2016, I started working for my mother in her Real Estate Career. I started by being her marketing manager and running the admin side of her business. In 2017 she closed a little over $7.5 Million in sales volume. In 2018, I started to see the systematic processes in real estate. I created and developed my own unique systematic checklist of marketing and admin tasks that impressed our multimillion-dollar sellers and grew our business exponentially. In 2018, we closed just under $25 Million in sales volume! (just over 3x sales productivity in 1 year). In 2021 we did just over 45 Million in Sales Volume


We are your hands on, do it for you marketing Genie. We focus on your database of business that you are already getting most of your business from, and amplifying these results by staying in front of your audience more consistently. We focus on targeting your personal database through social media and email campaigns. We also have a creative design team if you ever need a created postcard, business card, flyer, marketing presentation, etc. We let you focus on your clients, while we focus on you!


You don't have time to do the marketing yourself.

You don't have time or patience to spend sitting on your computer everyday to do real estate marketing, especially when marketing programs and social media are constantly changing.

Interviewing and training is a long and tedious process.

You don't have the time or patience to hire an overpaid, underqualified, full or part-time assistant.

We do it for you.

Your sanity is too important to hire a third-party marketing company who promises you the world, but then you find out that you have created for yourself a new job trying to figure out their software and run their programs.

You want to spend your time and expertise with your client.

You wish you had a marketing genie on your team to just handle all this marketing nonsense. You want to focus on doing what you do best, which is making deals happen and spending time with your clients.

You want a personalized and branded touch.

You want a more personalized touch. You've tried other marketing services that create robotic drip campaigns which make you look like an insincere robot, rather than a trusted, friendly professional.

You need things done quickly and correctly.

You don’t have time for a marketing request to be done. You want things done quickly and to be able to contact someone that understands your real estate lingo.

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Quinn has been incredible to work with! He is very savvy when it comes to technology and design. He is always very responsive to my questions and concerns. I love the new look of my newsletters and my branding! I highly recommend working with him!!



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